Maximizing Students’ Output: Exploiting and Supplementing Course Book

To become fluent and confident users of English, students need to use the language to satisfy communicative needs. As teachers of English as a foreign language, we know the importance of engaging our students in classroom activities which give them an opportunity to communicate for real purposes.
To this effect, course books are very useful sources to both teachers and learners. However, if on the one side their potential is often under-exploited, on the other side they tend to use the same type of tasks throughout the course, possibly causing students’ disengagement.
So how can we recycle course book materials to consolidate and further develop students’ linguistic competence? How can we adapt course book sequences and vary practice activities to keep students motivated and at the same time best address their needs and maximize their output?

1 Tag, 12.11.2016,
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Rosanna Maccarone
Volkshochschule Hanau, Ulanenplatz 4, 63452 Hanau

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